Awards and Famous People

Though relatively young, the FCS Faculty enjoys a host of enthusiastic professors, researchers, and students in the areas of communication science, journalism, and public relations. Below, the FCS members who have received national and international awards and honours are named. The list is not exhaustive and is going to be completed.
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Academic Staff Awards

Dr Alireza Abdollahinejad:
— Adviser to the Minister and Director General of Public Relations, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, since 2017

Dr Sara Abutaleb Joula:
— Conducting a focus group research at Leeds University (2001)

Dr Hosseinali Afkhami:
— Iran's top professor in the field of Public Relations in 2018

Dr Ghodsi Bayat:
— Top researcher prize from Iran's Trade Promotion Organization in 2014

Dr Mahdokht Boroujerdi Alavi:
— Vice-President for Research, University of Applied Sciences, since, 2017
— Media Advisor to the Minister and Director General of Public Relations at the Ministry of of Science, Research and Technology, for 11 years

Dr Mohammad Mehdi Forghani:
— Head of the Center for Media Studies and Research

Dr Hadi Khaniki:
— Winner of the National Science Promotion Award, 2017
— Iran's Top Professor, 2018
— Chairman of the Iranian Association for Cultural Studies and Communications
— Holder of the UNESCO Chair in Communications of Science and Technology

Dr Ali Asghar Kia:
— Cooperated as a Supervisor of Communications and Public Relation at the Cold Storage Organization, related to Tehran Municipality from 1998-2007.
— Head of the Public Relations at Tehran Municipality (Location 15), 1997-2000.
— Cooperated with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Daroupakhsh Company, as editor and public relations expert.
— Cooperated with the School of Mass Media, related to Iran News Agency (IRNA), 1997-2007.

Dr Baharak Mahmoudi:
— Member of the educational committee at the Cultural Studies Department, University of Science and Culture

Dr Kazem Motamednejad:
— Titled as the "Father of Iranian Communication Science"
— Member of the founding board of "Center for Transnational Communication and Information Studies in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Paris" 1992
— Founder of the postgraduate programme in Communication Science at Allameh Tabataba'i University, 1989
— One of the founders of the postgraduate programme in Journalism at the Higher Institute for Press and Public Relations and the Faculty of Social Communication Sciences, 1964 - 1971
— Iran's top professor In the 1993-94 academic year

Dr Seyed Reza Naghibulsadat:
— Winning the First Rank in the Farabi International Festival in the field of media research

Dr Hossein Payandeh:
— Winning the Season Book Award of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Winter 2007)
— Winning the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance's award for his article in the field of cultural studies (2004)
— Winner of the Best Foreign Student Article Award from Sussex University (1997)
— Jalal Al-e-Ahmad Award in Literary Criticism (2014)
— Awarded by Siavoshan Center for Psychological Services for the top interdisciplinary work in the field of psychoanalysis and culture (2016)
— Awarded by Iran's Welfare Organization on the International Psychology Day for his research and interdisciplinary works in the fields of psychology and literary criticism (2018)
— Best Researcher of the Year Award from the Critics, Researchers, and Writers Association, Iran's Theater Forum (2009)
— Jalal Al-e-Ahmad Award in Literary Criticism (2009)
— Book of the Year Award (2009)
— The Best Book of the Year Award by the Organization for the Study and Compilation of Humanities Books for Universities (SAMT) (2009)
— Editor-in-Chief of the Literary Criticism Quarterly (February 2007 to October 2008)
— Member of the Editorial Board of the Global Media Journal (since June 2014)
— Member of the Council for Cultural Plans and Studies, Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (August 2014 to August 2015)
— Member of the Council for Protecting Valuable Books, Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (September 2015 to March 2017)
— Faculty member at the Iranian Fiction and Poetry Foundation (October to December 2014)
— Editor-in-Chief of Ferdowsi Studies Journal (since May 2020)
— Member of the Policy Council, Encyclopedia of Contemporary Iranian Culture (since May 2015)
— Winner of the AnnualAcademic Book Award in Persian Language and Literature from University of Tehran (2019)
— Winning the 3rd Press Festival in Translation (1995)

Dr Zarrin Zardar:
— Winner of Iranian Award in Promotion of Science for research activities, 2015


Student Awards

To date, no student award has been reported. In case we reeive information about the FCS students who have received considerable prizes at any level, the content of this page will be updated.