Dr.Ali Asghar Kia

Contact Details: Dean's Office, Faculty of Communication Sciences (CS), Allameh Tabataba’i University, Varzesh Sq., Dehkade-ye Olampik, Tehran, Iran.
Postcode: 14896 84511
Phone No.: +9821 4473 7571
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Dean's Message

Dr. Ali Asghar Kia believes that compliance with the three principles of commitment to the society, professional principles of work and the principle of honesty will create media ethics.

He considers ethics as one of the important issues of media professionalization and states: media professionalization depends on adherence to laws and regulations that have been accepted as norms by journalists and media activists, and these norms are the three areas of commitment to society, commitment to principles Professionalism includes work and commitment to the principle of honesty, and it should be known that these rules must exist in most jobs in order to achieve professional conditions.

They consider the respect and dignity of people as values ​​that are part of the rights of people in society, and in the field of ethical media, there are media that have this attribute, which with their type of language and writing cause people's dignity not to be respected, and somehow they should express this The issue is directly related to the professionalism of the media.

Regarding the current state of ethics in the media, Dr. Kia believes that in the current situation, all media cannot be compared with each other; Because with the existence and expansion of electronic and new media and also having more freedom of action compared to the press, the space for unprofessional work and non-respect of professional topics has also expanded, and the new media adhere less to the principles of maintaining media ethics, and the same issue, when the authenticity and If their correctness is doubted, it will definitely reduce their credibility in the eyes of the public.

He considers the critical point of view to be the gatekeeper of the news and says: the media that only express positive points will not be able to fulfill this role and a media can achieve its role as a guard when it focuses on the functions of the society.