Administrative Staff

As of November 2020, the following administrative staff are trying to facilitate academic activities in the FCS Faculty. Due to verbal and speaking limitations, the contact numbers of the staff members have not been inserted here. However, all international audience are totally welcome to ask questions and make enquiries regarding ATUs international activities from the staff working in the Directorate for International Academic Cooperation, located in the central campus.

As the international activities in ATU are mainly initiated and conducted in the Directorate for International Academic Cooperation (DIAC), international students, academic staff, researchers and academics interested in learning how they could cooperate with the university and its division are invited to correspond to the DIAC at or call the Directorate colleagues on +9821 4473 7636. More information about international activities and staff is found in the DIAC Page.


No. Name of the staff Post
1 Ms.ZareEi Head, Educational Affairs
2 Ms.Maryam Bahador-Beigi Officers, Educational Affairs
3 Mr.Behrouz Shahabadi
4 Mr.Hamid Farahani
5   Senior Officer, Postgraduate Studies
6 Ms.Zeynab Ebrahimi Student Affairs
8 Ms.Ranjbar Financial Affairs and Deans Secretary

Ms.Hamideh Babaei

10 Mr.Ghanbarlou Head, Public Affairs
11 Mr.Asghar Abdi Public Affairs
12 Eng.Omid Mahdavi IT
13 Ms.HajiKhani Head, Library
14 Mr.Nabi Gholami Librarians
15 Ms.Fatemeh Shafizadeh
16 Ms.Marzieh Ghavidel
18 Ms.Sakineh Aboumasoud Officer, Departments Affairs
19 Eng.Omid Mahdavi

Executive Manager,

UNESCO Chair on the Communication of Science and Technology     



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