FCS History



Since the last decades of the twentieth century there has occurred a revolution in human communications and societies. Human communities have always been striving to communicate and, given the importance of communications in human societies, academic study of communications has well found its way into academia.

The first seeds of the now Faculty of Communication Sciences (FCS) was laid in as early as 1967 when the Higher Institute for Press and Public Relations was established with 4 departments of "Journalism", "Public Relations", "Advertising Management", and "Translator Training". The same Institute was then renamed to College of Social Communications in 1971.

The College was then active until the 1979 Revolution in Iran, when it was again revived in 1982 and merged with a number of other institutes to form the Literature and Humanities Higher Education Complex. The Complex was then renamed into the now Allameh Tabataba'i University (ATU) in 1984. In ATU, the "Public Relations" and "Journalism" programmes were merged into a single "Social Communications" degree programme. In 1991, then, the Social Communications programme was split back into two separate degree programmes, namely "Public Relations" and "Journalism".



Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Communication Sciences

14 years later, in 2004, ATU received official permissions from the MSRT to found the Faculty of Social Communication Sciences (SCS). The then SCS actively worked within the campus of ATU's Faculty of Social Sciences until it became independent in 2015.


Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Communication Sciences

In 2015, the now Faculty of Communication Sciences (FCS) formally moved to its own department, located in ATU's central campus. Under the deanship of Professor Ali Asghar Kia, FCS is ever since offering academic services in three departments of "Journalism", "Public Relations", and "Communication Science".

Information about the current status of FCS is available at our About FCS page.